Shipmates and what they are doing today

What are your shipmates up to? Take a look below to see who is doing what. This is also a good way to network and get back in touch with your old shipmantes and friends.

Name Rate/Rank Years on Board Family (wife and kids names) Career Path and accomplishments Best memory on the HEY What does the future hold
Amador MS3 1987-1990 Wife -
Son -
Daughter -
Steve May SM3 1989-1991 Wife - Ashley May
Son - Austin R May, (1994)
Daughter - Madeline E May, (1998)
Daughter - Peri M May, (2015)
Daughter - Eliza B May, (2019)
Electronics Quality Technician
Expect to retire around 2026
James Reeder FC2 1988-1991 Wife - Donna Reeder
Son - Michael Goins
Daughter-in-law - Ashlee Eastman
Daughter - Olivia Goins
National Service Manager of Bancsource, now Senior Customer Performance Manager for Bancsource. Been here 18 years There are so many. I hope to stay at Bancsource 5 more years, then retire and do nothing but hunt and fish.
William Vincent BM3 1976-1980 Wife - Kathleen
Sons - Adam, Joey and Trent
Daughter - Christina
Tile Contractor and part-time volunteer firearms instructor So many! It's tough to pick just one! Although I DO (BARELY) remember this one right just after Steve Bergloff came aboard when, Ray Baez and I went downtown for the evening Hopefully a lot of years!!!

If you want to show others what you've been doing since you left the ship, send your pictures, links and bio to:

Jim English
180 Lifestyle Blvd - Apt 112
Palm Harbor, FL 34684