Captain's Corner

To have had the good fortune of serving with the professionals who made up Harry E. Yarnell's crew in the
mid-1980s is an experience I recall with great pride and a deep sense of fulfillment. My wish is that all 
members of the CG17 team share like feelings of satisfaction from their contribution to our Navy's crucial
role in winning the Cold War. This was indeed a special time for us to have served.

The opportunity to sail alongside such men was a rare privilege. To all my fellow shipmates, thanks for
the memories! 

Tom McNicholas
CO, July 1985 to June 1987

Shipmates?  another great Harry E Yarnell Veterans Association Reunion on the books with many more to come!  
Thank you all for participating and making it a huge success.

Glenn and Sally, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the time, effort and care you have put into 
making the Annual Reunion a ?can?t miss? event for more than a decade.  It has been a labor of love and 
the two of you are the ?best of the best? Shipmates.

Jim, thank you for ?stepping up and stepping in? to assume the role of Reunion Coordinator.  
Your and Jessia?s engaging and energetic personalities help will ensure the Annual Reunion remains an 
entertaining ?can?t miss? event.

Finally, I want to thank Glen, Jim, Rui Peres, Terry Estel, Dale Eastwood, Jamie Demharter, and 
Jack Basford for volunteering to serve on the newly established Veterans Association Board of Directors. 
The Association could not be in better hands!

I hope all of you have a spectacular Holiday Season and are blessed with good health and great fortune 
in 2020?  

God Bless and all the very best!

Capt Z
CO, 1989-1990
USS Harry E. Yarnell  what a great ship and what a tremendous crew! In reality, a ship is nothing but a hunk 
of steel, aluminum, copper and plastic until you put a crew aboard and only then does she become a real living 
breathing warship. 

For those of us who had the pleasure of sailing aboard Harry E. will never forget that experience.  It is hard 
to articulate, but she was just better than most other ships. Although I got to her late in her ship life, thanks
to the remarkable crews that took care of her over many, years she remained operationally ready, front line and
relevant right up until the bitter end.  In fact, it was another 20 years before the US Navy regained the 
long-range shooting capability that USS Harry E. Yarnell first gained 1988. 

It was indeed the highlight of my career to serve with you in our great ship. You are what made her great and I am
extremely proud to have served with you all and to call you my shipmates. We sure look forward to seeing you at the
next reunion!

Keith Larson
CO, 1991-1993

Nelson 63-64 (F) Bowen Jr. 70-72 (F) Burdick 80-81 Larson 91-93
Leavitt 64-65 Duncan 72-74 Greer 81-83 Maydosz 93
Rothermel 65-66 Buck 74-76 Albrecht 83-85
Kelley 66-68 (F) Avrit 76-77 McNicholas 85-87
Lessman 69-70 Spadoni 77-80 (F) Shiffer 87-89
Zwirschitz 89-91